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TransforMe Learning and Leadership Solutions
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1. Art of Storytelling

Storytelling is the number-one leadership skill for the next decade. Why? Because in today’s world we need to constantly engage, influence and inspire people. Whether a business meeting, a coaching conversation, a sales pitch, a feedback discussion or a presentation - leveraging narrative intelligence (Storytelling) can have a huge positive impact on the outcome you desire. A study by Carnegie Mellon University concluded that the “story approach” influences 118% more that the “facts approach”.

So, whether you are a manager leading a team, or a leader driving change, or a sales professional influencing customers or an HR professional engaging internal stakeholders - no matter what your role is, but if you need to engage, influence and inspire people - then this course is going to help you achieve your gaol - in an exciting and engaging manner! Not just that, it will help you build a stronger personal brand and your credibility!

2. Influencing without Authority

This unique and power packed workshop from TransforMe will enable participants to learn the art of influence and persuasion. The key focus of this workshop is to equip participants with the knowledge, skills and tools they will need to effectively influence and persuade people, in a variety of interactions.

This workshop is designed on the foundation of Aristotle’s principles of motivation & persuasion, which includes the three elements of Logos (Well-reasoned Logic), Ethos (Credibility & Trust) and Pathos (Understanding & Relating).

Led with a participative and experiential methodology leveraging training videos, small group work, case studies, dilemma exercise, personal inventory and facilitated discussions - this workshop has enabled thousands of professionals with its powerful yet simple learnings that are easy to implement.

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